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Folk Customs
Huairou's 'Lianqiaofan' folk festival to kick offHuairou's 'Lianqiaofan' folk festival to kick off
Lianqiaofan folk festival, known as Beijing's most "delicious" temple fair, is to kick off on the upcoming Lantern Festival, which falls on Sunday.
Gu Fan Hui: Beijing's oldest temple fairGu Fan Hui: Beijing's oldest temple fair
Gu Fan Hui, dubbed "Beijing's most ancient temple fair," will kick off in the western suburbs of Beijing on Feb. 24.
标题图片Experiencing Beijing folk customs at Tianqiaole Teahouse
Once the commercial and cultural center of ordinary Beijing residents, the lifestyle of the old Tianqiao area can now be found in the newly built Tianqiaole Teahouse.
标题图片Marital customs
A traditional marriage ceremony taking place in Beijing bears little resemblance to western-style clothes and wedding gowns.
标题图片Old Stories of Beijing - Exhibition of Old Beijing Folk Customs
The exhibition, which can be seen at Beijing's Capital Museum, tells the story of Hutong life in Beijing.
标题图片Lao She Teahouse
Lao She Teahouse, named after China's renowned author and Beijing native Lao She, is a fine place to experience Beijing's old customs and traditions.
标题图片Beijing Folk Art Museum
The Beijing Folk Art Museum is the only themed museum displaying folk customs and cultures under governmental operation.
标题图片Mianren (flour figure)
Beijing is very famous for mianren, a folk art form that dates back hundreds of years.
标题图片Zongren (Pig hair doll)
Zongren is a unique form of folk handicrafts in Beijing with a history of over 100 years.
标题图片Tuye (Lord Rabbit figurines)
A unique artwork that depicts a cute rabbit striking a powerful pose, the Lord Rabbit figurine is considered a cultural symbol of Beijing.
标题图片Notable temple fairs
Check out the most popular temple fairs in Beijing.
标题图片Temple fair
Traditional shows such as cross talks, banner shows, kung fu shows and lion dances, all are staple features of the fair.
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